EDM Snobbishness: A Bad Attitude In a Beautiful World

May 3, 2013


Count how many times you’ve heard some of these things:

“I’m so tired of those people that just stay at the main stage! They don’t know good EDM!”

That EDC lineup sucks! Three of my favorite DJ’s aren’t even spinning!”

“How in the world do you not know about this guy? You need to listen to some better music…”

“Not many people have heard of my favorite DJ..he’s too true to the art for the mainstream!”

“You like Krewella? Which songs of their do you know? Only “Alive”? O god….”

“Too many people like EDM now….NOOOO”

I’ve heard all of these things from time to time and I have to say, it troubles me a bit. This attitude is becoming more prevalent through social media and every day interactions with lots of EDM fans. I don’t think it’s a ridiculous problem that needs a Public Service Announcement, but I think it’s something worth mentioning because of what the whole electronic music movement stands for. To put a name to it, let’s call it EDM Snobbishness. Defined simply, it’s that superiority complex which develops based on your greater knowledge of EDM artists, festivals, and news versus others.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand where some of the frustration of these “EDM Elites” comes from. When you know so much about a subject and have been a loyal fan for years it can be a bit discerning to see your favorite music genres infiltrated by the mainstream affects of popularity, fans that only listen to radio music, and certain fans that attend festivals for drug use and not the music.

But still, focusing on those concerns would be focusing on just the negatives, and negative thinking shouldn’t represent EDM. We have to look at the positives. For all those angry about EDM becoming popular and partially becoming mainstream, remember that these things don’t happen unless the genre produces great music that has widespread appeal. Rap and Hip Hop’s stranglehold of the youth’s attention is ending. Why? Because many of the new fans realize they can’t relate to those genres as much as they can with EDM and its sub genres. With EDM tracks generally being about those key ideals that embody PLUR, who wouldn’t want to become a fan?

Aside from thinking differently about the movement going mainstream, there is also the issue of music discovery with those new fans. Let’s realize that all the amazing DJ’s and tracks we know about are things that need to be shared. We should take it upon ourselves to educate those who have a limited scope of music and not be annoyed when a new fan doesn’t know something. That’s part of the reason we started this website. Many people just don’t know where to look or don’t have the time. Music is a gift, lets share it more.

On the subject of festival snobbishness, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about a “bad lineup” or a “lineup with holes”.  Just yesterday I heard this a few times after the EDC Las Vegas lineup was released. What does “bad lineup” even mean? So what if you favorite artist isn’t there? Hell, so what if your favorite 5 artists aren’t there? People need to remember that artists don’t make the festival, the people attending do. Our positive attitudes, our desire to rejoice with our friends and dance, and our wholehearted desire to leave the problem filled world behind for a few hours so we can go to a place of peace is what festivals are all about. I always tell my friends that it would be cool to see this or that artist, but as long as my buddies are going too then I’m happy. Also, not having your favorite artists at a festival gives you the chance to discover new artists that you never knew about. Realize, there is always an upside.

Now I know this snobbishness doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s something we should keep in mind. Remember, I don’t think its a huge problem yet but it could be with the growing popularity of EDM and the widespread dislike of the idea of “mainstream”. Always keep in mind why you fell in love with the music and the festivals. Think back to your first festival and remember the feeling of standing with 10,000 people who are all moving to the same beat….its a beautiful thing.

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